You can learn the healing art of Reiki in one day. Imagine yourself being able to share this beautiful gift…

***Reiki Course dates for 2013 will be announced shortly***

Classes have a combination of theoretical as well as a hands on approach on the application of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki. Detailed course manuals and certificates for all levels are included.

As a Master Reiki Practitioner and Teacher, Nicole Raza is qualified to teach Reiki. It consists of three levels. Classes are small to ensure quality of instruction and full student participation. The courses meet all standards of the Canadian Reiki Association and students are eligible for membership after them.

Reiki Level One: Healing Techniques / 1 Day Course / Prerequisite: Full Reiki Session

You will learn how to give a full hands-on treatment to another person and includes the Level One attunement. A wide variety of material is covered including the history of Reiki, concepts and principles, standard hand positions for self-healing and the healing of others including animals and plants, chakras, our energy field and more.

Level Two: Theoretical and Practical / 1 Day Course / Prerequisite: Reiki Level One

You will learn and explore the theoretical and practical use of Reiki healing symbols, Reiki long distance healing, techniques for clearing unwanted habits,empowering personal goals and Chakra Balancing. You will also recieve a Level Two attunement.

Level Three: Master Practitioner and Reiki Master / 2 Day Course / Prerequisite: Reiki Level I and II

You will learn the theoretical and practical use of the Traditional Usui Master Symbol, Aura Clearing, Meditation, and the use of crystals in Reiki. You will also receive the third level attunement.

This level is for personal growth, transformation and increased enlightenment. It can also be used for those who want to teach Reiki. This degree involves an increased level of energy.

Level Three includes, amongst other things:

  • From a Teaching Perspective a review of Level I and II
  • Advanced Healing Techniques
  • Demonstration and practice of the Attunement process
  • A complete class structure for each Reiki level; everything you will need to run your own successful workshops.
  • The program includes a 500+ page manual, including teaching notes for all levels.

Please note that for those who wish to teach Reiki they would require a deep level of commitment to the integrity of the system and must include Reiki in their own lives.

Upon completion of this course you will be certified as a Reiki Master/Teacher in the Traditional USUI SHIKI RYOHO system of natural healing. I am an Usui and Tibetan Master so you will be attuned to four symbols – two Usui Master Symbols and two Tibetan Master Symbols. The Tibetan Master Symbols can be used to do advanced healing – soul healing.

***Private Reiki Level One and Level Two classes can be scheduled as requested***

Reiki Master/Teacher classes are arranged to meet your schedule.

Classes have limited space therefore a deposit or full course payment is required to reserve your space.