Meet Nicole

  Hello, and welcome to New Directions Hypnosis!

I have always been fascinated by the human mind and its ability to shape our thoughts, feelings,  and actions. The potential of the human brain is limitless and capable of affecting, in a positive way, the vast possibilities that lay before each of us to be the best we can be and to live complete lives facing each day with a renewed spirit and a healthy outlook. This fascination led me to pursue intense studies in Hypnosis and graduate, with certification, from the Ontario Hypnosis Center.

In my practice, I assist clients in achieving their goals whether they are weight related, cessation of smoking, building confidence, removing blockages to success, or whatever other issues they are contending with. I continue to take additional courses in order to bring the latest techniques and information to my clients and to optimize their experience and results.

I have also completed my studies and have obtained my certification as a Reiki Master  (USUI SHIKI RYOHO and Tibetan)

To add to the practice to better assist clients, I am  involved in courses leading up to certification as a professional sexologist as well as widening my knowledge into the area of Astrology and Natal Charts.  With the last two designations, ( Sexology and Astrology) I will be able to assist others so that they can enjoy full, balanced, healthy and joyous intimacy.

Past Life Regression is a fascinating and inspirational form of Hypnotherapy. Through sessions where you are facilitated in exploring a past life, you can realize a therapeutic perspective. Its purpose is to help you, the client, discover and resolve issues that may be creating obstacles in living fully in your present lifetime. The need to keep repeating the same lessons over again can be eliminated. As an adjunct to Past Life Regression, I am experienced and certified to assist clients in accessing the time between lives. This advanced therapy is called Life between Lives Hypnosis. It enables you to go beyond your current lifetime and connect with your immortal identity. I assist you in achieving a state of consciousness where you can recall your life as a soul in the between life state. Such a session encourages enlightenment, growth in wisdom and an ability to better understand your life purpose.

Initially, I worked in the corporate field, but, my interest in psychology and a desire to be of service in a therapeutic capacity led me to the field of Hypnosis.

I opened my practice, New Directions Hypnosis, with the aim and aspiration to bring solutions to problems in people’s lives in an atmosphere of trust, comfort, compassion, and expertise. Each person is treated with respect and complete confidentiality.

New Directions Hypnosis is focused on results and bringing optimum techniques and services to all who seek to lead lives to their fullest potential.