Certified and recognized Reiki Master. The studies and practicum she has undertaken enable...

Dr. Mehmet Oz of the Dr. Oz television show stated the following:
“…Reiki … may ultimately be the most important alternative treatment of all…”

Nicole Raza is a certified and recognized Reiki Master. The studies and practicum she has undertaken enable her to perform the natural and relaxing Reiki technique at the highest and most professional level. Nicole Raza practices under the highest ethics and keeps all personal information confidential. She is considerate of your needs, and will answer your questions.

Reiki sessions are available in person or over the phone, or long distance.

What is Reiki and how does it work?

Reiki is a gentle, non intrusive technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also supports healing. Each of us has an energy that flows through us which can be called our Life Force. It flows along pathways which include the chakras and meridians of our body. This Life Force also flows all around us and forms a perceivable energy field called the aura. When the energy of our Life Force is high and flows smoothly, it supports good health, calmness, clarity and balance. If these energy levels are low, then we are more susceptible to illness, depression and lack of clarity in our thinking.

There are many factors that can negatively impact our Life Force causing it to be of low intensity. These factors include, but are not limited to, high levels of stress, pessimistic thinking, emotional upsets, excessive worrying, insomnia, irritability and excessive alcohol intake or other addictive substances. These cause a disruption in the flow of the Life Force thereby throwing off balance the function of our organs and cells. Certain factors have a positive effect on our Life Force. They include, among others, happy thoughts, relaxation and establishing a balance in our life.

On a positive note, this Life Force can be altered to intensify the energy level and make the Life Force flow smoothly and beneficially, thereby, supporting healing of illness, helping us enjoy calmness, joy and inner peace. This is facilitated through the use of Reiki which is a well established and recognized form of natural healing using prescribed, gentle hand movements that heal by encouraging positive energy to flow through the affected parts of our energy field and charging them with positive, healing energy. Reiki raises the vibratory level of our energy field both internally and externally. The negative and disruptive influences impacting our physical, mental and emotional wellness break apart and fall away making our Life Force flow freely and smoothly. This results in feeling healthier, happier and being more productive.

Reiki is instrumental in achieving a positive balance of our mental, physical and emotional health and well being. Because of the natural simplicity of this holistic technique, people of all ages and differing physical health status benefit from Reiki.

Reiki and Pregnancy

A study at The Hartford Hospital in Connecticut showed that Reiki used during pregnancy on a regular basis reduced stress and anxiety by 94%, pain during pregnancy by 78% and nausea and morning sickness by 80% after Reiki sessions. The study also showed that a woman’s quality of sleep was improved by 86% when Reiki sessions were included during pregnancy.

Unlike massage, mothers-to-be don’t have to be cautious when using Reiki while pregnant. The only precaution is that, as the pregnancy goes on, mothers-to-be may have to sit in a chair or lay on their side rather than on the back. Treatment may also be shorter if she is uncomfortable laying still for that long.

The state of overall wellness that is passed from mother to baby, helps nurture the baby in the womb, during labor and after birth.

The Many Benefits of Reiki

Individual Reiki

The Reiki session is an individualized experience that is relaxing, gentle, and safe for all.  It involves healing in a way that will empower you. During your Reiki session, you will begin to feel very relaxed as you allow the energy to flow to the areas where it is most needed by your body.  People usually begin to feel the stress lifting.  It is a remarkable experience and for most, the effects are immediate while others may not notice anything for a few days.  Reiki works and the more open you are, the more intense your experience will be.

If you are having problems in specific areas, Nicole can concentrate more energy there.  Reiki always goes where it is needed most whether it is mental, physical, and/or spiritual.  Many clients report that they felt calm, relaxed, and sometimes even tingly during their session.  They always look forward to their next session. It is not uncommon for a client to present with pain and leave with none or very little.

How to prepare for your Reiki session

Physical comfort is extremely  important during a session, please let me know of any physical considerations. During a Reiki session you will lay down fully clothed on a comfortable massage table, this is not a form of massage.

Please allow an hour for digestion after a meal before a session.

Couples Reiki

In a soothing, candlelit atmosphere and side by side, couples experience a transformative Reiki session. The session deals with breaking down any barriers between the couple’s chakras and creating a harmonious balance between them. This includes energy clearing and healing resulting in balancing and harmonizing the chakras (energy centres inside each us) and helps to create a more joyous, peaceful and loving bond between the couple. Those who partake in the Couples Reiki rejoice in a new, healthier and deeper understanding and appreciation of each other.

Sports Reiki

Whether you are a professional athlete or one who participates in sports activities as an integral part of your health regime, Reiki will enable you to train and participate better. It aids in restoring your energetic balance and assists in recovering/healing more quickly from injury. Reiki works perfectly and harmoniously with existing training regimens to bring increased energy to your sport and heightened clarity and concentration. Reiki nourishes your spirit, body, and your mental state as well as your game.

Reiki Phone Session

Phone sessions are a fantastic alternative if you are unable to come in for and see me. You will be guided through the session from beginning to end. Feel free to call from your home or office.

Preparation for a Reiki phone session

Physical comfort is extremely important during a session. please let me know of any physical considerations.

Please allow an hour for digestion after a meal before a session.