Everyone one of us experiences times when we worry and feel nervous about things. However, when this...

Anxiety The Thief

Everyone one of us experiences times when we worry and feel nervous about things. However, when this nervousness or upset affects our ability to sleep properly because our thoughts and concerns keep milling around in our minds and prevent us from relaxing, or we may have stomach aches or heart palpitations or even find it difficult to breathe, then we may be suffering from anxiety.

Anxiety is a thief. It robs us of the enjoyment of life, the ability to make decisions without continuously second guessing ourselves, and keeps us highly agitated. It is a thief because it can sneak up on us and we do not always understand what it is that we are truly anxious about. We just are. Anxiety can negatively impact how we feel, how we behave, and even our sense of well being. It affects us on all levels: emotionally, mentally, and even physically.

It is a common reaction to feel anxious if we are going for a job interview, taking some type of test, asking for a raise, or concerned about a loved one’s health. That is natural and it passes once the challenge is met and dealt with. However, anxiety should be taken seriously when it interferes with our ability to function. Our fears may become irrational and we wonder why are we afraid of something that should not be worrisome as it really is not a big deal. We just don’t understand or can give our anxiousness a rational explanation. When our feelings of nervousness, anxiety, are way out of proportion to the problem or situation, then it is time to consider taking action to find relief.

There is a clear line between occasional anxiety where we understand what is making us feel worried and chronic anxiety where it becomes a constant in our life. It just doesn’t go away and there does not seem to be a definite reason for feeling anxious and fearful. Experiencing anxiety as a constant state is harmful as it negatively impacts many areas of our lives. We may miss opportunities because of our anxiety, our irrational fears, and worries. Our performance levels at work and at home can drop significantly due to feeling down and unmotivated. Meeting new people and making connections can be so anxiety ridden that we make an impression that does not truly reflect who we truly are.

There are pharmaceuticals that claim to relieve anxiety. Taking a drug may lessen some of the symptoms of anxiety, but, they do not root out the cause nor identify the triggers. Is there a solution to the problem of anxiety? Absolutely, all is not lost…..a solution is at hand.

We can find relief and release from the suffering experienced with anxiety. The solution does not require a prescription or adding unwanted chemicals into our system. It is something that is safe, comfortable, and highly effective. Release and removal of anxiety can be attained through hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy is all natural, effective, and long-lasting. With the use of hypnosis, the cycle of constant anxiety, groundless apprehension, and hurtful worrying is broken and eliminated.  Hypnosis works because it allows access to our unconscious and subconscious mind. The unconscious mind is the control centre for all our vital bodily functions such as our heart rate and our breathing which are affected and altered by anxiety. In order to live a truly healthy life, both the conscious and unconscious mind must work toward the same goal. There must be a harmonious interaction between our conscious mind requiring calm, happiness and confidence in order to make rational and beneficial decisions and our unconscious mind which controls how we feel, our physical reactions, and how our body functions.

Emotions, early childhood and past life memories, and imagination dwell in our subconscious mind.  Anxiety is an emotional reaction (subconscious mind) bringing about a physical response like breathlessness and heaviness in the chest (unconscious mind) to worries, unknown triggers we perceive (conscious mind).  Hypnosis, under the highly skilled, compassionate guidance of Nicole Raza, can access our conscious, unconscious and subconscious mind and achieve co-operative functioning among all three. Nicole can tap into the very deep levels of the subconscious mind, access the memories or imprints that are deep seated and the cause of our anxiety, help us to recognize and eliminate them, and thereby root them out. Nicole can help replace the debilitating negative thoughts with positive, life affirming, healthy thoughts that make us feel and act in a productive manner.

Hypnotherapy is a great healer, a method that is simple, painless, comforting, and successful. Let Nicole assist you in your quest for relief from anxiety and help you attain your goal to live a life free from excessive nervousness and needless worries.