Life Between Lives

Life is a circle. As in all circles, it is continuous and one cannot see where it begins or where it ends...

Life is a circle. As in all circles, it is continuous and one cannot see where it begins or where it ends, because, in truth, there is no definite starting or ending point. The circle also illustrates the concept of past lives. We are born; we live; we die; we are born again and so on, and so on, a continuous circle.

While we journey on this circular path, there is a period of time when we have completed a life span on Earth and are not yet ready to reincarnate, or be reborn. We are still on the circle, but in what state are we and where are we, if not here on Earth, then where?

The state we are in is pure spirit, the soul. So where is our soul and what happens to it? This place of in between lives goes by many names depending on our particular belief system or what we intuit it to be. Some call it heaven; others may call it Arcadia, Elysium, the afterworld, the beyond, eternity, the next world, nirvana, paradise, the blue, or Bardo.

What goes on when our soul is in the between lives place? Many, who have had near death experiences or were declared dead and yet were revived and came back to their life here on earth, have written about their experiences, what they saw and how they felt when they were in this in between place. Books and articles have been written, statements taken down and even some prominent psychologists and doctors have documented the visions and experiences people have had when they were essentially dead to this world and were in the in between place.

The retelling accounts tend to have very similar patterns. They often speak of going to the Light, an intensely warm and loving feeling, serenity, being greeted by loved ones, a council of wise ones, going through orientation and learning, and the choices we make before reentering into the physical body and experiencing rebirth.

A majority of people are at least curious about this place and others who are dedicated seekers want to know what happens between lives and why. They ask profound questions such as what it is like there, their purpose in life, why they chose the path they are living, and who are the people who have accompanied them on their journey through life times (Soulmates). There are so many questions that require illumination.

You have the unique opportunity to safely, comfortably and securely travel to this place of life between lives. Through the expertise guidance of Nicole Raza, a certified and highly qualified hypnotherapist and in a warm, private and safe environment, you can attain a super-conscience state in which you will be able to see, hear and/or feel what the soul is experiencing in the time between lifetimes. Nicole will facilitate you in experiencing your own personal soul’s journey through the time of life between lives.

Your session will leave you with a deeper understanding of your soul’s purpose, your destiny, and the knowledge you are here by design. The experience will provide you with a more powerful sense of direction and a heightened energy to live your life to its fullest.