Past Life Regression

Carl Jung was a famous and internationally acclaimed Swiss psychiatrist and the founder of analytical...

Through hypnosis, Past Life Regression Therapy may be the key to understanding present day relationships and is one of the most effective Therapies in psychology today.

Carl Jung was a famous and internationally acclaimed Swiss psychiatrist and the founder of analytical psychology who firmly believed that all the memories of our past lives are buried in out subconscious. What good is there in having this storehouse of memories that reach back in time crossing over huge stretches of time and space? Is this storehouse accessible and if so how do we access it?

The memories of past lives are precious, in that, they serve as vehicles for learning, for developing wisdom, and understanding how we lived and developed. Like the formal study of history, having access to our own history enables us to learn from past life errors as well as recall and utilize the lessons of our previous successes.

The ability to tap into this rich and interesting treasure trove of past life memories is available to all of us and is facilitated through the use of hypnosis. This particular type of hypnosis is called regression (the act of going back to a previous place of state). Your personal past life journey, regression, is made possible through the expertise of Nicole Raza, an accredited hypnotherapist and past life facilitator. Nicole can lead you gently, safely, and compassionately back through the annals of time.

You may wonder what would be the purpose of regressing to a previous lifetime. Regression is a type of therapy and is one of personal, emotional, and spiritual growth. It is an excellent tool to aid us in overcoming fears, phobias and other physical and emotional challenges in our current life. Some of the lessons that we may bring back with us are forgiveness, love, generosity, patience, social skills and emotional intelligence. This helps us to grow as human and spiritual beings and to improve our current lives as we do lose many of our fears and become wiser.

Whether or not you personally believe in past lives is actually irrelevant. It is the journey itself that is important. You will find that by taking the journey into your past lives, you will gleam vital and highly relevant information that will illuminate and speak to our issues, or struggles in our present life. The importance of past life regression is understood by the lessons, wisdom and healing that is accomplished through the session.

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