I am truly very happy that I decided to use hypnotherapy with Nicole as a healing treatment for myself.

Before talking with Nicole and experiencing hypnosis, I thought that it consisted of being in such a deep state that you had no idea what you were doing, to whom you were talking or what you were saying.  I now know that being in a hypnotic state, you know exactly where you are, what you are doing, whom you are talking to, and what you are saying.

Nicole is a wonderful, compassionate, confidential, ethical and trustworthy person, who I felt totally comfortable with. This is a very important factor for anyone considering hypnotherapy for themselves. I felt very relaxed during the whole session as I accessed to my past life event and then released emotions attached to that event.  After being hypnotized, I have a better sense of control over my tolerance and acceptance of certain pains in my life, both physical and mental.  Nicole provided me with the gentle guidance and support that is needed during this time.

If you are open to the idea of hypnosis to help you with certain issues in your life, or are just generally interested in hypnosis, I would recommend that you talk to and make an appointment with Nicole today.  

Nicole you are a star and talented healer.  Thank you so much!  Y.H.

Nicole has a natural knack for uncovering problems and helping you fix them. She’s compassionate and caring and I’ve seen her help so many people. She has a special gift that helps transform people’s lives in a very unique and magical way. Tracy

I met with Nicole for a past life regression session. Through her expertise, patience and understanding, the experience lead to an unforgettable connection to myself that still has me in awe.Nicole’s genuine compassion and passion for what she does truly comes from the heart and is an inspiration to be a part of. This was my first experience with hypnosis and I was mildly skeptical going in… however Nicole’s professionalism, strength and encouragement made her the perfect leader to guide me out of my comfort zone. She taught me how to sincerely listen to myself… and understand what is being said. I look forward to working more with Nicole in the future. Brian

I found the Reiki with Nicole to be very calming, and the setting was so relaxing and peaceful.  I was completely immersed in the experience – it felt soothing, like a much-needed escape. Thank you, Nicole.  I will be back!  Anna

I am thrilled by the quick results I’ve achieved since starting my Hypnotherapist sessions with Nicole just 2 months ago.  Quitting smoking was something I have been struggling with for several years and through working with Nicole on understanding the underlying thought patterns causing this behavior I was able to make a decision to stop and stick with it.  I am already seeing the benefits to my health and happiness and am continuing to work through other challenges in this way as they come up in other areas of life.  I would recommend Nicole to anyone who is dedicated to making positive changes in their lives, her insights and methods used were invaluable to me throughout the process. Elisa

Just one session with Nicole has helped me tremendously, she made me realize the emotions I was going through were normal, just the consultation made me feel a hundred times better.  Michael

I happened to see Nicole’s ad on Craigslist in the therapeutic section. I went to see her for weight loss and ended up talking to her about my life. She is a strong minded woman with a soft heart. No BS. Straight to the point. She made me aware of what a wonderful relationship I have with my wife and I should cherish that, every moment! Wow! what a difference! She helped me with my self worth and made me feel better about myself, thereby accomplishing many things in life that could not have happened otherwise. Nicole has made an impact on my whole life thereby affecting all that surround me as well. Brad Q

Nicole, I have here (above) a testimonial that is short. It could have and should have been longer. You deserve it! But I thought that these words bring out the essence of my experience. Nicole, you are fantastic! Thanks a million! Brad

I had a PLR (Past Life Regression) session with Nicole. As a facilitator she creates a very safe place which allowed me to feel comfortable and trusting in her. She is also both personable and professional in her approach and non-judgemental. After my PLR session I felt an immense joy, clarity and grounded. I had sought out PLR to help resolve current life issues.
I feel that with Nicole’s guidance and expertise that I am better able to move through my issues and move forward in my life. Paula

Nicole is a caring and compassionate person. She was highly recommended by the Ontario Hypnosis Centre. I had been dealing with depression, self-confidence, and a few other issues and she was able to work patiently with me and at my pace. While the journey to recovery is still dependent on yourself, Nicole provides much needed support and gently encourages you to take steps that you may otherwise be afraid to take on your own. I am now doing significantly better with a stable job, a mate, improving myself health-wise, and more. Without Nicole, I am unsure if I would have made it this far. She helped me find the courage to take the first step. Thank you. S. L.

Hi Nicole, it’s M-F. I just wanted to thank you for helping me get my life back on track and supporting me to realize things that I should have been realizing before. Much appreciated, and have a great year! 🙂

I was somehow drawn to Nicole and I knew she was special, even before I officially met her. I’ve been trying to deal with stress and anxiety on my own for a long time. It’s been like riding a roller coaster week after week with no real end in sight. Add on constant confusion, frustration, and lack of motivation. After learning about what Nicole does, I went for my very first hypnotherapy session. Wow, what an amazing experience! I started the session feeling tense and a bit nervous, but left feeling like a huge weight had been taken away. My body felt more relaxed than it has in years, I could feel a sense of clarity, and there were amazing changes going on in my body. There is no doubt in my mind that Nicole will help guide me to where I need and want to go. Darryl

I am a 54 year old woman, married for 36 years, with no children. My younger sister and I were sexually abused by our two older brothers for several years while we were growing up.  My younger sister is addicted to Percoset, which she buys off the street.  My drug of choice is red wine.  Until recently, I was drinking 3 bottles of wine EVERY night to become someone else, since I did not like myself at all. My friend spotted a WagJag coupon for hypnosis for weight loss and on a whim, I signed up.  It literally changed my life.
I sat down with Nicole and immediately trusted her 100%. Suddenly I was telling Nicole that I hated myself, and why I hated myself, and what I drank every night to cope with life. After my session, I went home and that night, for the first time in years and upon Nicole’s suggestion, I only drank one bottle of wine. The next time I saw Nicole, I promised her that I would only drink three glasses per night.  That progressed to two glasses per night the following week. I have had some slip-ups, which Nicole told me would happen.  When things get very stressful, I drink more.  But, I immediately get back on track the next night and I don’t beat myself up about my slip.  My family doctor is amazed that in such a short time, Nicole helped me reduce my drinking, something my gp has been worried about for years.  I wrote a testimonial for my doctor and gave her some of Nicole’s business cards so that others could benefit like I have. I am also losing weight, due in part to not drinking three bottles of wine every night.  To date I’m down 15 pounds!!  If Christmas and New Year’s hadn’t sabotaged me, I’d be down another five, I’m sure. Nicole has taught me ways to calm myself and she has helped me to accept myself and love myself.  I am journaling almost every day, something I hadn’t done since my “Dear Diary” days (and most of that diary stuff I made up since I knew my sister read my diary.) There is calmness and serenity about Nicole.  From the first moment I looked into her face, I knew I could trust her with my deepest, darkest secrets and feel safe doing so. I look forward to a long relationship with Nicole as she helps me to deal with my past so that my future will be healthy and happy. Pat

Nicole is awesome! I went from ‘hopeless to hopeful’ in five short weeks. Your direct style is truly appreciated. No one has ever called me on my thought process or lack thereof. You have helped me by bringing greater awareness to my thoughts and teaching me to realize I have a choice in what I do. I am able to move forward every week with tasks that you give me which enables me to build on successes. I am moving towards being the person I want to be and enjoy being. I am losing weight and feeling happier and more resolved in my day to day. Thank you for helping me start my journey to making me the best I can be! D.M

Nicole , I don’t think i can thank you enough for what you have done for me and the impact you have had on my life. I came to you feeling like a hopeless teen trying to find their way in a world 10x too big and super worried about going to therapy; but you welcomed me with open arms & helped me work towards problems i wanted to fixed and goals i wanted to achieve. You are more then just a hypnotherapist you are a friend when i needed one, a kick in the butt when i needed one and are always and i mean ALWAYS thinking about your clients even when you aren’t in a session with them . There has been numerous times i would come to our weekly session and you had something new for me to learn or research about something we were discussing ; even apps for me to go through that you thought would better me. Most importantly you are helping me find myself and for that i am very grateful. Brittney